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Leadership & Staff

Drug and Clinical Testing
Hemp Compliance & Safety



Ph.D., D.A.B.C.C.

Laboratory Director, CEO

Stan brings over 55 years of experience supervising laboratory testing to CSL.  He is very hands on with all aspects of our laboratory’s operation and takes decisive measures to ensure that quality results are delivered timely to our clients.


Louis Amoruso


Technical Laboratory Director

Lou oversees all of the technical operations of CSL’s various departments with over 50 years of supervisory experience.  He is responsible for authorizing newly developed assays and serves as an expert witness in toxicology and alcohol in multiple court districts.

Anne Campbell

Laboratory Manager

Anne has been with CSL since 1994 and is now responsible for all daily activities of our laboratory staff and operation.  She takes the visions of the Directors and determines the practical course to make them happen.  Anne is the crucial link between our staff and management and keeps us all in line.


“We salute you, Captain Tuttle, humanitarian and healer. " - Hawkeye Pierce


Glenn Horner


Evening Toxicology Supervisor/

Hemp Testing QA Officer

Glenn is responsible for supervising our operations in the evening hours.  He works dilegently in maintaining our hemp protocols and balances our workflow.  Glenn adds years of experience in developing new materials and technologies.  He is a co-author on eight refereed publications and eighteen patents.


“Help, I’m trapped in a small room on the second floor – forced to write inspirational quotes for Lab staff.”  - Newest Employee

Glenn Horner.jpg

Howard Gelles

Director of Toxicology, QA/QC Officer

Howard (Howie) Gelles brings over 40 years of laboratory experience. He has overseen the laboratory's quality assurance since 2009 and is responsible for preparing for inspections. Howie also manages the laboratory's CAP, and CLIA certifications as well as the lab's state licenses. Howie's dedication to Clinical Science Laboratory has been crucial for delivering efficient and quality results to those who utilize our services.

“Live long and prosper."–
Mr. Spock


Paul DiNunno

Toxicology Supervisor/

Hemp Testing Project Leader

Paul DiNunno is a veteran scientist, educator, and researcher with in excess of 25 years in his field.  He leads the coordination of our Hemp testing division and with their help, maintains our laboratory's ISO 17025 accreditation.  Paul’s commitment to quality and innovation has been critical to the development of new testing at Clinical Science Laboratory, Inc.


 “And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by;” – John Masefield

Debbie Cozzens

Toxicology Supervisor

Debbie is CSL’s daytime toxicology supervisor and assists in managing our microbiology testing staff.


Richard Hovestadt

Toxicology Supervisor,

GCMS / LCMS / TOF Specialist

Rich has worked for CSL since 1987 and serves as CSL’s IT and instrument specialist along with his supervisory duties.  He is the underlying beat of most of our research and development and is tasked with bringing complicated assays to production level.

“I'm the quiet bass player." - Colin Hanks



Assistant Laboratory Manager

Daytime operations of the laboratory's clinical operations are left in David's capable hands.  He is in the trenches, processing samples, expediting results, and troubleshooting instruments.  David adjusts staff to meet our daily workflow and convinces our instruments to work around the clock.


“I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that." - H.A.L. 9000



Special Chemistry / Immunology Technologist

Here we have a paragraph to contain background information on each of our Staff Members.  This is likely going to take some time to get finished, so we should probably get moving on this.  If there isn’t a cool photograph of this individual, we should probably get this as well.  Here we have <insert name here>, the best of the best here at CSL.

"Yet, as always, the highlights of tomorrow are the unpredictabilities of today." - César Milstein

Nicholas Todd

Toxicology Technologist,

Residual Solvents / Terpenes Specialist

With his 10 years with CSL, Nick has been instrumental in developing many of our LCMS methods and is our lead technologist for residual solvent and terpene analysis.


“Similia similibus solvuntur”  - Corpus Pharmaceutico-Chymico-Medicum Universale (1711)


Christopher Tocci

Website Consultant

Chris has recently joined the staff of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health as one of their newest Epidemeologists.  He consults with us to maintain our internet presence allowing our lab testing to go viral and not the citizenry of the Commonwealth.


“If you're not making someone else's life better, then you are wasting your time." - Will Smith (pre-slap)


Eman Hagelhassan

Medical Technologist

Hematology / Chemistry

Immunology / Toxicology

Eman has her degree in medical laboratory sciences and joins us with over 15 years of experience working in medicine.  She joined us in 2021 and serves as our general medical technologist in our hematology, chemistry, immunology, and toxicology departments.



Jorge Alvarez

Toxicology Technologist / LCMS Specialist

Jorge has been working in CSL’s toxicology department since 2016.  He joins us with a degree in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Puerto Rico Interamericana.  Jorge specializes in LCMS applications, advanced machine maintenance, training our new toxicology staff, pesticide testing, and microbial contaminant testing.

Nicholas Pagliasotti

Toxicology Technologist

Joining our team in 2020, Nick specializes in LCMS applications, moisture content, and microbial contaminant testing.


“One life or a billion, they're all lives”  - Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt



Toxicology Technologist

Microbiology Specialist

Shanna (Zoey) specializes in LCMS applications, moisture content, and microbial contaminant testing. Zoey is our lead in our newly acquired real-time PCR equipment.

“Their ain't no rest for the wicked.  Until we close our eyes for good.”  - Cage the Elephant


Kaleigh D'Amato

Toxicology Technician

Kaleigh has been working in CSL’s toxicology department since 2021.  She specializes in LCMS applications, and advanced machine maintenance.  Kaleigh is studying Forensic Science at Lasell University while working full time in our Toxicology Department.


“Dun Dun" - Law and Order,  every episode



Toxicology Technician

Heavy Metals / ICPMS Specialist

Jacob has been part of our Toxicology Department since 2021 and tackles the our LCMS, GCMS, and ICPMS from the early hours of the morning.  Jacob sets the pace as our starting runner and hands off the batton to the rest of us. 


“Quality is not an act, it is a habit" - Aristotle

If you’d like to learn more about our team, contact us.

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