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Image by CDC
Image by CDC

Microbial Contaminants

Microbial contaminant testing measures the presence and levels of microbes in cannabis products. Identifying a lack of microbial contaminants in client products helps to ensure that it is safe for human use.


Microbes live on almost every single surface and in almost every single environment on our planet. Most microbes have a commensal relationship with humans and pose little threat.  However, there are a number of microbes that are considered pathogenic and can cause serious harm to the human body.  These pathogens may be found on cannabis plants, and within products like oils and tinctures.  These hardy organisms can survive harsh mechanical and chemical processes like grinding and solvent treatment, and thus it's critically important to test for their presence before products go to market. Clinical Science Laboratory can detect and quantify levels of microbial contaminants in hemp samples to ensure the maximum safety of your product.​


Clinical Science Laboratory tests for a variety of microbial categories as well as the presence of some specific pathogens. Our current testing includes: Total Viable Count, Bile-Tolerant Gram-Negative organisms, Total Coliform, Yeasts and Molds, and Salmonella sp. to levels permissible by local jurisdictions. Additionally, we test for the presence of Shiga-like toxins (Stx1 and Stx2) generated by several virulent strains of pathogenic Escherichia coli. By utilizing Rapid Microbial Testing and PCR technologies, we can deliver a fast and accurate result down to a single colony.

*Not currently ISO 17025 accredited testing*

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